5th October 2015


AR Tech

ARTech Expo is your chance to interact and engage directly from the industry leaders whilst discovering the future of AR first hand.

Our aim is to bring together the AR community to debate the hot topics for 2015 with a action packed agenda looking into how companies and technology providers are adopting AR as a tool, wearable devices, the latest tips & tricks, emerging technologies & platforms, successful AR strategies plus a look to the future.

The conference will include a number of interactive formats enabling delegates not only to learn from keynote presentations from industry leaders, but also to hear key speakers being interviewed, participate in open debates & highly interactive panel discussions. The format is designed to increase collaborative learning among delegates.

Topics being covered include:  Business Strategies,  Leading Technology Innovations, Brand Case Studies, Social AR,  Wearables, Enterprise AR, Start-ups & Investiment, 
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TIME                          SESSION DETAILS

9.30 – 10.00           Keynote: Augmenting our World 

AR represents a radical new way for people to interact with the data streams that have become so integral to our everyday lives. It has the power to inject a whole new level of hyper-relevance to the information we rely on, and drastically alter how we work, shop, play games, care for and even interact with each other. But how is this seismic computing shift expected to unfold? Where are the biggest opportunities and who will be there to leverage them?

Steffen-Sorrell new





10.00 – 10.45              Panel:  The Technology behind AR

Our panel will explore and examine the technologies and applications from across different industry verticals.   Is AR providing wearable devices a reason to exist and how has the role of the smartphone developed?   Where is the current investment into AR development?  How will Apple utilise Metaio’s Technologies?



Nick BAE





10.45 – 11.15             NETWORKING BREAK

11.15 – 12.00           AR for enhanced UX

We explore the role of AR within future strategies.  How should you leverage this powerful tool to engage & interact with your audience.  What is the the role of AR within our ever growing social existence and how AR can become contextual, delivering relevant information at the right time, right place enhancing the UX.







12.00 – 12.30          Audi  Case study

We showcase an inspiring example of how AR & VR can be successfully brought into the mainstream for customer experiences and interaction.






12.30 – 13.00      Augmented Reality for all the Senses






13.00 – 14.00           NETWORKING LUNCH BREAK

14.00 – 14.30              Afternoon Keynote

14.30 – 15.00                Panel:  AR through Wearables 

The welcomed arrival of wearable technologies has opened up endless opportunities for AR.  We explore the partnership of these two technologies, the opportunities and innovative possibilities.  

 15.00- 15.30               The importance & consideration of big data & the cloud 

Data & The cloud is imperative to augmented reality & wearable devices. What are the challenges these technologies face,  how do we overcome them and utilise to our advantage.






15.30 – 16.00           NETWORKING BREAK

16.00 – 16.30              An Augmented Enterprise

We look at the emerging trends in AR technology within the Enterprise. How can companies adopt AR & implement within their workforce and business?  What are the opportunities eyewear presents for the Enterprise and who is successfully creating an Augmented Enterprise?

manual SAP





16.30 – 17.15            Start up Lab:  The future AR apps

We hear direct from technology investors the key trends within the market, tips on how to secure funding as well as hear from budding start ups tipped to rock the sector with our AR Start up Showcase.