5th October 2015



AR Tech

ARTech Conference is set to showcase the higher level solutions for this immersive technology.  During the course of the day we will be exploring the next steps to bringing Augmented Reality into context & reveal the future direction of AR within our existence.

  • What will you learn?
    • Were the AR sector currently is and its future direction & opportunities 
    • The technologies and applications from across different industry verticals and how to implement for your strategy.
    • How to leverage this powerful tool to engage & interact with your audience in a personal way
    • How to make AR contextual – delivering relevant information at the right time, right place enhancing the UX
    • The effects of AR within the workforce and how to increase business efficiency 
    • Contextual AR applications for wearable’s within the Enterprise
Topics being covered include:  Business Strategies,  Contextual AR, Technology Innovation,  Case Studies, AR for UX,  Wearables, Enterprise AR, Start-ups & Investiment, 
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TIME                          SESSION DETAILS

9.15 – 9.30                Chairs Opening Remarks

Chair:   Steve Dann CEO, Amplified Robot





9.30 – 10.00           Keynote: Augmenting our World 

AR represents a radical new way for people to interact with the data streams that have become so integral to our everyday lives. It has the power to inject a whole new level of hyper-relevance to the information we rely on, and drastically alter how we work, shop, play games, care for and even interact with each other. But how is this seismic computing shift expected to unfold? Where are the biggest opportunities and who will be there to leverage them?

Speaker:   Steffen Sorrell Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Steffen-Sorrell new




10.00 – 10.45              Panel:  The Technology behind AR

Our panel will explore and examine the technologies and applications from across different industry verticals.   Is AR providing wearable devices a reason to exist and how has the role of the smartphone developed?   Where is the current investment into AR development?  How will Apple utilise Metaio’s Technologies?

ModeratorSteffen Sorrell Senior Analyst, Juniper Research


Gerben Harmsen Founder, Twnkls

Nick Colosimo PgC BSc(Hons) CEng MIET BAE Systems Global Engineering

Brian Waterfield Virtual Reality & High en, Jaguar Land Rover

Adam Vahed Founder, Apache Solutions


Steffen-SorrellgerbenwebNick BAEBrian-Jag






10.45 – 11.15             NETWORKING BREAK

11.15 – 11.45         AR for enhanced UX

How should you leverage this powerful tool to engage & interact with your audience.  What is the the role of AR within our ever growing social existence and how can AR become contextual, delivering relevant information at the right time, right place enhancing the UX.


Bertie Waktins Founder CoLabs Theatre





11.45 – 12.05          Audi  Case study

We showcase an inspiring example of how AR & VR can be successfully brought into the mainstream for customer experiences and interaction.


Tom Davies Digital Communications Manager, Audi

Jason Hooper Senior Account Manager, Somo





12.05 – 12.40 –  AR v’s VR –  Is the future Augmented or Virtual?

Moderator:  Steve Dann CEO, Amplified Robot






13.00 – 14.00           NETWORKING LUNCH BREAK

14.00 – 14.30              Afternoon Keynote

14.30 – 15.00             From Augmented to Mixed Reality

Augmented reality has been around for decades, starting initially with head-up display technology on combat aircraft before progressing to helmet mounted displays. Today we have seen a range of technologies that make augmented reality wearable, affordable, and capable. So, no longer being the preserve of high end military applications the general public and industry can, in principle, benefit from the application of augmented reality. But what do we really want from AR? What tasks do we wish to achieve? How should this drive the requirements for an AR headset? Some answers are proposed by this talk which may make us think differently about what we really what AR to be or become..  

Speaker:   Nick Colosimo PgC BSc(Hons) CEng MIET BAE Systems Global Engineering

Nick BAE




 15.00- 15.30               An Augmented Enterprise

We look at the emerging trends in AR technology within the Enterprise. How can companies adopt AR & implement within their workforce and business?  What are the opportunities eyewear presents for the Enterprise and who is successfully creating an Augmented Enterprise?


Manuel Saez Senior Director, Mobile Innovation, SAP

manual SAP





15.30 – 16.00           NETWORKING BREAK

16.00 – 16.30   The Privacy & Security implications of AR

AR has enormous potential to enhance UX and interaction but in doing so it also have the potential to compromise security & privacy. The ability to overlay information on top of physical reality, raises interesting and unique issues. This session will look at the threats to privacy, security & ethics and examine the potential future impact.

16.30 – 17.15  Augmented Reality for all the Senses

Speaker:  Luke Robert Mason Founder, The New Bionics






17.15 – 17.30      Closing Summary –  An Augmented Future